Real time inbound personalization for B2B websites

Real time inbound personalization for B2B websites

For tech marketers looking to gain a competitive advantage and convert more web visitors it’s time to strongly consider Real Time Inbound Personalization for your website.

98% of website visitors are anonymous.  Companies spend a huge amount of time and effort producing content and driving inbound traffic.  When users get to most corporate websites they are confronted with the same site and experience.  Every visitor is treated the same.

That’s a big missed opportunity.

Personalization software allows you to serve up a dynamic web experience for each individual user, in real time as the user is actively engaged (instead of 24-48 hours later over email).  You can:

1. Segment the customer base in by industry, job title, geography, previous activity/digital personas, target company lists, etc.
2. Serve up predefined content and offers based on those segments.

Marketing 101 (right message, right person, right time) that produces results and probably what you’ve been doing successfully for years over email through marketing automation systems like Marketo, Eloqua, etc.  However this technology really hasn’t been implemented on most B2B corporate websites, although that is changing quickly.

There are only a few companies focused on this area; in fact, only 3 listed in the notoriously crowded Marketing Technology Lumascape (most categories have 10 or more solutions to wade through): Demandbase, Enecto, and Insightera.  Adobe also has a play here although it’s through a feature of their much bigger (i.e. expensive/complex) platform.

For ease of implementation, user experience, and pricing (surprisingly good value) I like Insightera.  It started as an Israeli-based company that built an extremely powerful and easy-to-use platform.  It also has an “auto-tune” feature that optimizes campaigns on the fly based on machine learning.  Insightera just announced a round of $6.5M in funding, have moved corporate headquarters to San Mateo and are a key Marketo partner.

Real time personalization delivers the “” experience and tailors it for B2B’s specific challenges around long/complex sales cycles, varied buying teams, different forms of content, etc.

The customer is now in charge of the sales process and Insightera can help intelligently guide them through that research journey on your corporate website.

I do have a relationship with Insightera so drop me a line if you’d like an introduction or to talk more.

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