Is Outbound Marketing for B2B Lead Generation Dead?

There are admittedly lot of problems and inefficiencies with outbound lead generation. Inbound Marketing is great to a point but it’s not a silver bullet. Producing memorable contention on a consistent basis and driving traffic to your corporate website is easier said than done. There’s a great Slideshare a bit back on the The Content Marketing Deluge from Velocity Partners.

To get your piece of content actually found and read you are competing with media publishers with paid editorial staff, user generated content through blogs, social media, etc., plus all of the competitors in your space (and bigger vendors that have now basically hired their own editorial staff).

Even if you do get your content found, it’s very risky to rely on solely on the inbound marketing lead engine. This is especially true for companies with higher purchase prices and longer, more complex sales cycles. The CMOSite had a great recent Article on the problems with”“Inbounditis”.

Larger, more complex deals are not frequently the result of reactive inbound marketing. In fact, inbound leads drive smaller deals with decision makers who tend to be at a lower level than those involved with outbound leads. That is not just my opinion. It is a fact.
Waiting until a buyer is 70 percent of the way through a buying process is more likely to ensure that you will be evaluated as column fodder against an already selected vendor or partner than to result in a solid deal.

Outbound marketing still has a place as part of the marketing mix. Technology decision makers consume content from a lot of different sources and do use web publishers as one research outlet. Prospects are researching and consuming content from Tier 1 publishers all the way down to the long tail of very niche, targeted blogs and user groups/forums. The trick becomes managing the top of the funnel efficiently, efficient and informed lead follow up, and having proper expectations on program outcomes.

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