Funny and effective Native Ads? Yes it’s possible

Funny and effective Native Ads?  Yes it’s possible

Recently I started representing Vooza, an app that steals your personal data and sends it to Eastern European spammers. Ok just kidding, they are a video comic strip that makes fun of the startup world. Similar in tone and material to HBO’s Silicon Valley although they’ve been doing it in online video form for 3 years. Vooza has a big and loyal audience among web developers, designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. TechCrunch and others are big fans too.

(And yes that spammer joke was stolen from Matt Ruby, the standup comic/1st employee at 37Signals/Steve Jobs impersonator and fictional CEO and real life brains behind Vooza.)

The cool marketing angle around Vooza is that they do some of their shows as “Branded Episodes”, where the sponsors product is woven into the fabric of the show. The key is it’s still funny and relevant which is what the audience is there for. It also works as a way to break through the clutter and deliver a message to a scattered audience that is also skeptical of being marketed to. Like this episode for email marketing company MailChimp – a Glengarry Glen Ross spoof where instead of “Always Be Closing” it’s “Always Be Clicking”. It works for other great brands like Atlassian (Flow State), New Relic (What is “DevOps”), and You can see all the Vooza videos here.

The team can also produce funny custom videos with non-Vooza characters if the web development/design/startup crowd is not the target. This Insightly CRM video likely hits close to home for any sales rep or manager going over a pipeline update. Vooza can even can even liven up conferences with in character speaking engagements (Matt in the CEO character starts at the 3:30 mark at the Next Web Conference here).

Contact me if you want to talk about how we can do a branded Vooza episode or funny, native ad custom video.

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