Online Ad Sales Stack

Here are some of the tools (mostly free) that we use to run an efficient online advertising sales operation and keep a steady pipeline of new prospects and deals coming in the door:

Boomerang for Gmail – Best reminder system for following up on emails.  If no one responds to an email, have it sent back to you at a specified time.  Also schedule emails to be sent out at a later date. $5/mo per user

Canned Responses for Gmail – Set up a canned response for any prospecting, pricing, product, FAQs, or any other recurring text string.  Saves a ton of time.  Free.

Rapportive for Gmail – bought by LinkedIn, shows LinkedIn profiles directly in Gmail.  Also a quick way to verify the correct email address.  Free.

Capture from RingLead – Chrome extension or Salesforce app to easily capture contact information across the web.  Free.

LinkedIn Premium – worth the extra price for InMails when you can’t find someone’s email address; also advanced search features to quickly find exactly the right prospects and connections.

Calendly – No more back and forth on scheduling conference calls or meetings.  Integrates directly with multiple Gmail calendars. Free tier offers one meeting length (15 min calls for example).  Free.

Google Publisher Toolbar – if your site is running Google Adwords as backfill gives details on where ads are coming from; or block ads right from your site.  Free.

Ghostery – Chrome extension that shows what tracking pixels are on a given website.  Free.

CRM – Keeping track of prospects, customers and sales pipeline.  3 levels depending on size of organization

Top:  Salesforce, market leader with tons of integrations

Medium:  PipelineDeals – very user friendly, has everything for $20/mo/user

Free (to start):  Insightly – not a great UI but robust free tier

FreshBooks – Cloud based invoicing system. Incredibly well designed and easy to use – makes it dead simple  track invoices, collections, expenses, taxes, and produce financial reports.  Lots of integrations including PayPal, banks, etc. Free tier; paid starts at $20/mo.

Trello – Great tool for everything from Project management/Group collaboration to To Do Lists to keep organized and focused.  Free.

Slack – team collaboration, chat, messaging.  Free.

What other tools are in your online ad sales stack?


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