Top podcasts for independent developers and bootstrappers

Whether you call them independent developers, bootstrappers, micropreneurs, indie hackers, independent software entrepreneurs, or whatever else, at TechCrowds we like to work with independent developers that are often great at building products but can sometimes need some help on the sales and marketing side. Here’s an updated list of top podcasts for independent developers and bootstrappers that I’ve gotten a lot of value and entertainment out of over the years.

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Top Podcasts for Independent Developers and Bootstrappers

Podcast Description TechCrowds' Notes# of Episodes as of 12/2017Hosts
1Bootstrapped with KidsBrecht built a 6-figure online software as a service and training business and he aint even got college. Scott's got more ivy league degrees than you can shake a stick at but he walked away from high paying corporate job to work from home and run a highly
successful web development agency. It's not a show about "passive income" its a show about financial independence and freedom and how we're achieving it while still managing the responsibilities of being fathers.
Would rate this as the #1 podcast that could be turned into a "King of Kong, Fistful of Quarters" style documentary. Real, Honest, Hilarious, Raw. Also actionable and with tactics (some timeless, some now perhaps outdated). That's ok though - the Classics never go out of style. Fingers crossed that Brecht and Scott revive this.132Brecht Palombo & Scott Yewell
2Startups for the Rest of UsWelcome to Startups for the Rest of Us, the podcast that helps developers, designers and entrepreneurs be awesome at launching software products. Whether you’ve built your first product or are just thinking about it.The gold standard of independent software developer podcasts. Also put on MicroConf and MicroConf Europe, the best in person bootstrapped software events.368Rob Walling and Mike Taber
3IndieHackersHow Developers are Bootstrapping, Marketing, and Growing Their Online BusinessesRecently bought by Stripe. Great stories of mostly independent "indie hackers" telling their real stories and numbers. 38Courtland Allen
4Bootstrapped WebBootstrapped Web is for entrepreneurs bootstrapping their startups, who believe that the best way to get to where we're going is to learn by doing. Conversations, case studies, and interviews with entrepreneurs who are building profitable businesses online. Let's do this.Follow Jordan and Brian as they build out real businesses and teams - tons of actionable insights, tools, etc. 100Brian Casel, Jordan Gal
5Chasing ProductThe Chasing Product podcast helps consultants and freelancers transition from client work to releasing bootstrapped software products. If you want to get out of client work and in to product work, then you are Chasing Product.Interesting journey of a freelance web dev trying to escape freelancing and build his own product. Won't spoil the ending.40Christopher Hawkins
6Mixergy"Learn from Proven Entrepreneurs." In over 1,000 interviews, Andrew Warner asks uncomfortable questions to dig deep into the success and failures of the most successful business founders and thought leaders. The ideas and stories are so powerful that hearing them will change you.. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur crafting your next upstart or startup, there is no greater "street smarts" education than Mixergy. Interview podcast with lots of good startup stories and drill down into tactics.
1527Andrew Warner
7The Startup ChatUnfiltered insights and actionable advice straight from the trenches of startup and business life. The show hosts, Steli Efti and Hiten Shah, are both serial entrepreneurs who have founded multi-million dollar SaaS startups. 262Steli Efti & Hiten Shah
8Bootstrapped25+ Years of Software Bootstrapping ExperienceThese guys run a pretty good bootstrappers forum as well at: Landsman and Andrey Butov
9Rogue StartupsThe Rogue Startups podcast features two bootstrapped startup founders as they grow their businesses. We feature experts in the fields of sales, marketing, and product development to hear how they're growth hacking their productized services, WordPress plugins, and SaaS products. 113Dave Rodenbaugh and Craig Hewitt
10Zero to ScaleLearn from two entrepreneurs, Greg Hickman and Justin McGill, as they bring you behind the scenes each week to learn how they are building their bootstrapped businesses from zero to $20k per month and beyond in recurring revenue. Each week they share their updates including the wins, losses, lessons learned as they grow their businesses. Their businesses include productized services, SaaS products, agency services and even online training programs. If you’re an entrepreneur and want the honest, emotional and transparent view into the growth of two businesses, you’re about to learn a lot.158Greg Hickman & Justin McGill
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