Sponsor CDP Institute

Sponsor CDP Institute

TechCrowds has partnered with the CDP Institute and David Raab for those looking to sponsor CDP Institute or engage in related CDP marketing and content programs.

David Raab coined the term CDP in April 2013 and later founded the Institute in CDP Institute in October 2016.

What is a CDP? Raab defines a CDP as a packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. CDPs are built for marketers to provide a single, unified view of their customers and prospects, unlocking personalization, marketing orchestration, better attribution, and more.

Interest in CDPs has exploded in recent years. Here’s a Google Trends chart showing the hockey stick growth:

CDP Growth

The CDP audience has grown exponentially as well – over 300% YOY when measured by newsletter subscribers, total content downloads, unique web visitors and page views.

The audience generally has two segments – end users either evaluating CDPs/considering building their own, or Martech Vendors. CDP projects are often 6/7 figure deals and drag along other software purchases. Companies often try to build their own CDP by cobbling together a combination of vendors. CDP vendors themselves are often a good co-marketing or OEM partner – many CDPs outsource/embed pieces of the puzzle like identity resolution, data providers, etc.

Sponsorship of the Institute is very reasonable and delivers great results and benefits, including:

  • CDP Leads – Sponsor’s branded materials, including white papers/case studies, vendor profiles, and videos, in the CDP Institute Library
  • Sponsor-written articles included in the Institute blog
  • Inclusion of your webinars and corporate events in the CDP Daily newsletter
  • Enhanced listing in the CDP Service Providers Directory
  • Reduced rates on webinars, videos, educational/certificate programs, email promotions, conference speaking slots and similar activities of the Institute as these continue to be developed
  • Seat on the CDP Partner Advisory Board

Would you like to sponsor CDP Institute or talk about related CDP marketing and content programs? Contact me at jeremy.hurley@cdpinstitute.org.

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