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Developers scared to charge fair value for their software product

Listened to a great podcast recently from IndieHackers. Courtland Allen interviews founders on their entrepreneurial journeys. He does a great job of drawing out insights and commonalities across mostly bootstrapped, independent developers as they build their businesses from the ground up. The recent episode titled “Before and After Product Market Fit with Peter and Calvin from Segment" hit on a common issue - developers scared to charge a fair value for their software product. These guys from Segment are on…
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Top podcasts for independent developers and bootstrappers

Whether you call them independent developers, bootstrappers, micropreneurs, indie hackers, independent software entrepreneurs, or whatever else, at TechCrowds we like to work with independent developers that are often great at building products but can sometimes need some help on the sales and marketing side. Here's an updated list of top podcasts for independent developers and bootstrappers that I've gotten a lot of value and entertainment out of over the years. If you are an independent developer with product market fit…
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Best Practices for Outsourced Startup Software Sales

Outsourcing at least a portion of your sales operations can be a smart move for early stage startups. It can accelerate growth, help bring in key early customers and expand the skill set and fill in the gaps that may be missing in your early team. For a bootstrapped, B2B SaaS startup this can especially make sense for technical founders or small product teams that don’t have lots of sales and marketing expertise. There’s lots of writing out there that…
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Online Ad Sales Stack

Here are some of the tools (mostly free) that we use to run an efficient online advertising sales operation and keep a steady pipeline of new prospects and deals coming in the door: Boomerang for Gmail - Best reminder system for following up on emails.  If no one responds to an email, have it sent back to you at a specified time.  Also schedule emails to be sent out at a later date. $5/mo per user Canned Responses for Gmail - Set…
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Funny and effective Native Ads?  Yes it’s possible

Funny and effective Native Ads? Yes it’s possible

Recently I started representing Vooza, an app that steals your personal data and sends it to Eastern European spammers. Ok just kidding, they are a video comic strip that makes fun of the startup world. Similar in tone and material to HBO’s Silicon Valley although they’ve been doing it in online video form for 3 years. Vooza has a big and loyal audience among web developers, designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. TechCrunch and others are big fans too. (And yes that…
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