Outsourced Podcast Ad Sales

Do you have a popular podcast with a loyal niche audience but need help finding advertisers? TechCrowds can help with outsourced podcast ad sales services.

The Podcast Ad Revenue Pie is Growing – How Can You Get Your Slice?

Podcast Advertising works and it is growing. Smart brands and early adopters are taking advantage. However, podcast advertising is hard to do efficiently and at scale, both for advertisers and podcasters. There are some things podcasters can do to find the right advertisers, make the process a lot easier/successful, and drive ROI to build long term partnerships with advertisers.

How to get Podcast Advertisers?

Focus your ads on Mid-roll, Host Read reads

Podcast endorsement advertising works and delivers ROI. Engaged, Loyal Podcast Listeners Respond to Relevant, Authentic Offers. Add in shorter pre and post roll ad reads, and social media, newsletter mentions to your ad package. 
Read the Nielson Study on Podcast Ad Effectiveness

Clean up/standardize your audience measurement

Measurement is a Mess for Podcasts and Podcast Ads. A podcast “download” does not equal a podcast ad heard. Consider working towards IAB Podcast Measurement Guidelines, or implementing technology like Podsights Analytics to offer better insights into your audience demographics and tie in attribution across web activity. Related: Keep a frequent publishing schedule. That helps keep consistent metrics and gives advertisers greater confidence that their podcast ads will run on time. 

Make it easy to buy/place ads

Make the trafficking and invoice process seamless. Advertisers don’t want to deal with a tangled mess of spreadsheets and emails to run podcast ads on a niche site (or a group of them). This is a good area to outsource if you don’t have solid processes or want to deal with the headaches.  TechCrowds can help with:

  • Invoicing/Payments
  • Ad Operations – client portal for file upload, reports, deliverables, shared calendar of podcast ad slots.
  • Direct, personalized, targeted outreach to advertisers

    Podcast ad networks may get you some deals, but they are often remnant, not targeted, the wrong advertisers/brands for your audience, and at low CPMs.  You may get some inbound leads from your website, but likely not enough. Many podcasters prefer not to spend their time reaching out or following up with potential podcast advertisers. TechCrowds will work with you to:

  • Define your target account list and build a database of relevant podcast ad buyers based on your audience
  • Advertiser outreach
  • Podcast ad sales negotiation, contracts, renewals

  • Are you looking for outsourced podcast ad sales help? Fill out the form, let us know about your podcast audience to see how we can help drive podcast ad revenue.